Balinese Style House in Hawaii With Extraordinary Sinks

Decorated in a very modern, luxurious Balinese style, this Hawaiian home is located on the great Island. It was inspired by the great traditional palaces and temples. This sumptuous home is created by Olson Kunding Architects in the great Indonesian theme beginning from the décor, the furnishings, and the artifacts.

Outside the home, it is decorated by the mature palm trees. It is also build in the middle of beautiful volcanic rocks. For the exterior of this tropical home, it is arranged with very broad overhangs. This scheme is proposed to shadow the interior of the Hawaiian sun light.

The Glass Selection Layout in Each Side of the Home

To allow the beautiful scenery of the landscaped gardens, the private pools, and the sparkling ocean that can be seen in the homeowners’ view, it is applied the large glass doors. By this application, the homeowners can easily enjoy the most beautiful ocean view while doing their activities inside the home without opening the door.

The glass selection lay out is not only applied in the door, but it also applied in the windows. It has the same purpose as the glass application door, to see the open scenery of the beautiful ocean. By arranging some sofas and a table beside the window, the homeowners can enjoy their afternoon with some books and a glass of tea as the modern people require.

The Traditional Palaces and Temples Furniture

Inspired by Balinese theme, it will identically refer to some traditional palaces and temples. So, this Hawaiian home is decorated with some ancient and antique accessories made from the stone such as the statue of popular character of the particular story in Indonesian, the article of stone plates. Besides, the other furniture such as the table, chair, and cupboard are also made by the traditional wood.

To complete the Balinese theme, the Hawaiian home is decorated by some ancient photographs. Moreover, for the furniture color, inside the Hawaiian home, are mostly dominated by the yellow ochre color. Therefore, these all can give the beautiful Balinese effect in the Hawaii.

A sink is one of the most important parts in people’s daily life. There are various different forms of sink in each domestic beginning from the traditional bowl rounded basin until the sharp-edged shallow twin of user trough. The basin form itself includes many forms with various sizes and colors. However, in this occasion we want to develop deeper about an extraordinary sink which can spread broadly in the entire of the world. Here we have some solutions that are needed in the development of sink in this modern era.

To begin mentioning some scheme of sink, we introduce the beautiful basin colored in perfectly white. In this scheme, we design the flowered glass base of the sink and decorate it with the lamp under the basin. Hence, when the lamp is turned on, the basin will be looked with the beautiful flower shadow. The other beautiful scheme of sink is called Water Stone Faucet. It is made from shining pebble so that it looks so beautiful and glamour.

The Unique and Woody Sinks Scheme

Made up such as a spoon, it only has single teardrop. Such as a spoon, the largest part of this shape is used as the base of the sink and the small and long part allow the water flow down in the water bank. The next form of the unique sink is not designed in the form as usual but in the square. The other unique sink scheme is designed like a lily. The bud of lily is used to the basin of the sink. There are still many unique scheme of the sink such as the bowl, box, etc.

Made up from the original wood, the sink is designed into many forms. One of them is the sink that is arranged as a seat with the cooking articles. In this form, the owner can cook beside the sink. The other scheme of the woody sink is designed like stair. The basin is closed by the wood so that it appears tidy and minimalist.