Beautiful Garden Cottage Ideas in Scandinavian House

For people who love to have a garden, the garden cottage will be your favorite place to stay. With a small space and cozy furniture, it is a perfect place to spend your time, relaxing near your garden. You can build a cottage with a space for seat outside, or you can make a cottage with opening wall from wood. You can also place the cottage near the pool as a small pool house to prepare before you go swimming.

The garden cottage desgin can be vary from traditional one until modern one. For traditional cottage, you can build one from wood, painted it white and choose dark colored roof. To go to this cottage use small stone ways between the garden and place a blooming flower gate outside. Dont forget to use many large windows with white frame to enjoy the garden from inside the cottage. You can also choose a not so open cottage with window door and put two large pots of plans near the door.

If you prefer a modern one, you can see one pool house from Harte Brownlee & Associates Interior Design that has a private pool with a large garden surrounding. The pool house has cream wall color and an open room with sofa and table to enjoy the view. You can take the design of the cottage for another building too. For example, you can see a cottage-inspired yoga studio with two glass doors on each side and a beautiful clear roof.

For the deck, you can use wood deck that will take you outside the garden and put the outdoor seats on the garden, or to put the seats on the deck, right outside the cottage. You can use wood table or maybe rattan daybed for the seats with a small table near the seats to place a vase of flower or stuff. You can also place the garden cottage deck near a brick box of smaller plants in your garden.

Many people love to build a Scandinavian house because of its classic style. The captivating style can be tricky but will look great with a right design that can be applied to any house, whether it’s large or small. The perfect example of the house with the Scandinavian chic style is located in Rosengatan, Gothenburg. The house has the cozy terrace as the main part that can be used to enjoy while taking a peek of the city view.

The Scandinavian house terrace uses wood floor and has many potted plants put. The chairs chosen for the terrace made from rattan with black color combined with white seats and some patterned cushions with neutral color like white and grey. There is also a carpet with pale brown color and a unique wood crate table. Though maybe you will think twice about the seat and carpet when it has come to rainy season. The terrace is also safe for your child because there is a pretty high glass railing.

Not just potted plants placed on the floor and table, you can look at some hanged potted plants that make nice decorations, along with the hanging light bulbs with orange light. There are also some romantic feelings that you can find in this terrace because there are many small candles placed on the floor, table, and on the railing. You can access this terrace anytime you want by going through the sliding glass door in the kitchen that is dominated by white, like most parts of this house.

For the decoration, you can find a small potted plant is placed on the stainless steel top of the white counters. Another small potted plant is used in the dining space that is using wood table and chairs with some blue colored chairs and seats. The Scandinavian house interior has a wide living room with a blue touch on the chair and you can find another crate table in this living room too.