Comparison of Beach House in Malibu And Vintage Hotel in Budapest City

The club of Malibu beach house is one of the most famous clubs in the world that promises the warm sun, sand, and place to surf, not just for those who are successful business men or women with a lot of money, but also for many Hollywood stars. However, you will need a really huge amount of money to be able to afford to get in to this exclusive club and meet those stars after you go out from the house. But, you can make this great house design for your own house.

This beach house living room designed to be combined with the kitchen and has a very wide glass panels and door to go to the deck with glass railings. All of these glasses allow you to enjoy the view of the blue sea and sky from both inside and outside the house at any time. The living room uses many couches covered with white cloth with a small wooden table and dark brown carpet to enjoy the flat screen TV with a dark wood cupboard below.

The large kitchen is designed to have complete cooking tools with dark wood counters and white tops, and also dark wood cabinets and some shelves for storage. There are also two dark wood cupboards beside the stainless steel refrigerator. There is a large island in the center of the kitchen with the same color as the counters. The island has some shelves to place books and also a cabinet. The wood dining table is located beside the kitchen with wood bench and white chairs.

The same color of wood also used for the cupboard in the bedroom. The white bed is accompanied by a small white sofa and wood table placed beside it. There is also a soft carpet below the bed. Across the bed, there is a cupboard with mirror for the clothes. You can also see the view from this beach house bedroom by looking through the large glass windows with black frames.

A classic vintage hotel in the middle of the city will attract many customers and tourists from many places, especially if you have a great interior and facilities. Located in the middle of Budapest City, Hotel Baltazar is one of the coolest hotels in the Hungarian Capital that will give you a different view than you usually seen in a big modern hotel in the big city. Has the same name with a CGI movie, Cobblestone Street that welcomes you to the inimitable interiors and delectable cuisine, this hotel will bring you to a magical place.

The vintage hotel bedroom is designed to have its own theme of art in each different room. With exposed brick wall, there is a graffiti that crosses the bed head and the wall of two people holding a love sign with white outline that looks like drawn with a white chalk. The bedroom isn’t too big with parquet flooring and wood-framed windows. There is a single sofa with light brown color that goes well with the floor. There is also a standing lamp beside the sofa and a table lamp on a cupboard beside the bed.

Another bedroom is wider with no bed head but a big painting of a lady with wood frame behind the bed. There are two lamps with flexible arms on the frame that can be used to help you reading on bed. There is also a large wood cupboard for the clothes and two small tables beside the bed with other table lamps for the alarm clock and stuff. You can also see a more luxurious design on the bedroom with painted wall that looks like giant cupboard, complete with the painting of the stuff and decorations and two leather chairs beside the bed.

Not just placed in the heart of Budapest and has great themes of bedroom, this Baltazar hotel also has a huge collection of books that arranged well and can be enjoyed with black couch and some sofas on a vintage room with parquet flooring. This great vintage hotel design also has its own cafe and restaurant inside with great graffiti on the wall, red and wood dining table with black chairs and red bench on the wall, and also a warm fireplace.