Comparison of Villa in the Antibes With Monumental Bel Air Home

All activities in big city are possible to draw some people to be stress and bored. So, sometimes, they need a particular place to refresh their mind such as the beach, mountain, and another place which is close to nature. Here we have a solution for such requirements. It is luxury villa. This luxury villa is located near by a beautiful beach, partly on the west side of Cap d’Antibes.

We offers some wonderful villa completed by suite bedrooms, plus reception area, sitting room,  a dining room, and a children’s playroom, cinema room,  a billiard room,as well as a spa with steam room and sauna, a private gym, and s staff apartment or guest house, and so on. Those all facilities guarantee the costumers to enjoy their holiday.

Fresh and Natural Air outside the Villa

To get fresh air, we offer a very large garden which consists of many plants. These plants are taken care by a modern style. Around the garden, it is interspersed between steps and walkways. For the dining room kitchen, we design in the large open air that allows the guests to enjoy their mealtimes. Besides, it is also completed a swimming pool. On the other side, the fresh and open air can also be gotten from the balcony because it is set up in the open roof and side.

Inside the home, the natural situation can also be felt because it is arranged as natural as possible such as adding some abstract arts and completing with the contemporary furniture made by the wood. Therefore, this villa can answer some people’s requirements in getting the fresh air and nature view to enjoy their holiday.

White and Blue for the Fresh Effect

To support a natural concept, we combine the blue and white. Both blue and white can produce the fresh sensation. Moreover, they can also create the beach sensation although staying inside the home. Hence, the most comfortable situation can be reached in this villa.

Monumental Bel Air Home

Bel Air Home is located on Linda Flora Dr. The monument which is covered by the Travertine stone reminds us with Richard Meier’s Getty Museum. The most beautiful scenery surrounds the home which provides the usual LA properties. In this concept, the homeowner can enjoy that beautiful scenery from both outside and inside because this home is built with the glass walls so that although the homeowners are inside the home, they can still enjoy the most beautiful scenery outside.

The entranceway of this home is arranged with Travertine stone and a beautiful pool. By putting the lamp in some particular places, the entranceway appears more glamour and romantic. Moreover, the lamp color is also not too bright so that it can give a pretty and also romantic situation.

Calm and Large Room

The 14 feet high ceilings makes the room larger and gives many spaces to breathe. By the color combination between white and cream, the room appears so calm. Besides, by choosing not too much furniture also supports to make the room is clean and tidy. So, it is appropriate to entertain the guest. It not only the living room which is arranged in the calm scheme, but also the dining room so that it can make the homeowners feel comfort to stay inside.

The bathroom consists of twin vanity units, freestanding bathtub, and a walk-in waterfall shower. It is also arranged in large space which is possible to make the homeowners enjoy their activities during inside of the bathroom. Moving to the kitchen, it is also combined by the calm color and very large space so that the chef can move easily to finish their works.

For the furniture, mostly, this scheme involves the natural and simple furniture made by the wood, but it has been modified as well as possible so that it gives the calm and simple impressive. This Monumental Bel Air home is recommended for those who are interested in the simple and elegant scheme home.