Interior Ideas And Home Office Desks

Bauhaus Architects & Associates, with the simple schemes, slick furniture selections, and cool comprehensive layouts concepts, covers the whole areas of the home: including dining areas, kitchens, home office, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

First of all, it is begun by the large bedroom scheme with white as the dominant color. Combined by the soft brown that covers all side of the floors and silver in some particular points, it looks so elegant. For the furniture selections, it includes the modern bed which can be easily moved from the wall. Besides, it is also completed by the head board which has been created from thick Perspex so that it is safe and comfort to be used. In addition, to be an alternative scheme, the homeowner is offered to use a solid wooden headboard wall. This scheme creates such an atmospheric effect and still gives an elegant looks.

The Clean and Glamour Layout of Bauhaus Architects and Associates

Moreover, in such a modern era, everything must be as fast as possible and as easy as possible. To complete those people’s necessities, Bauhaus Architects and Associates present the clean materials so that it can allow the light brighten through the closets.  Consequently, while getting dressed, the homeowner can continue to watch the breaking news at the television. In the bathroom scheme, toilet and vanity are set to be floated. This scheme can make the bathroom area appears very much larger than usual proportion. One the other hand, the floating bathroom scheme, the floor appears clean and tidy. Of course, this can make the bathroom will be more comfort.                

For the bed sheets such as the pillows, bed cover, and blanket, Bauhaus Architects and Associates combine darker color like dark silver and black to create the glamour situation inside it. Additional furniture such as the chair, table, table lamp, pendant lamp, and vase are combined with the dark color. This combination is simple, but it creates the luxurious and elegant view that can bring the homeowner feels comfort. Besides, this combination is also appropriate for both male and male because it gives the soft yet masculine appearance.

A desk is one of the most important furniture in the daily life. In this recent time, people will choose a desk freely as long as it can complete their necessities such as to put the computer, to read some books, and to do some particular hobbies. The following are some inspirational home office desks. Hopefully, one of them can inspire the homeowner to arrange the home office desks. Before we explain the detailed information of each desk, we would like to classify the 30 kinds of desk into three main classifications. They are calm and simple home office desk, unique and natural home office desk, and modern-smart home office desk. Let’s follow design explanations below:

The first is calm and simple home office desk classification. By the dominant white color, the calm situation will be gotten. Moreover, in this design, it doesn’t include too much furniture because by including too much furniture in the office desk will draw the complicated impression so that it can attract the bored mind. As a result, it will be difficult to get the idea. Besides, it also appears more tidy and clean. In addition, this is only included minimalist a simple desk and some minimalist accessories such as vase, desk lamp, and so on. To create the luxurious appearance, it consists of the chandelier glass lamp above the desk. Some combination colors such as brown and black will reduce the monotone view.

Unique-Natural & Modern-Smart Home Office Desk

The second home office desk classification is unique and natural home office desk. In this classification, the tables are designed by the natural wood combination. Besides, it is also dominated by the brown color. Therefore, it can give the unique impression. Some additional ancient furniture may increase the unique impression in the table such as using an old trunk or the historical furniture, and so on. This design is aimed to make the homeowners can feel like they are travelling so that the idea and the imagination can be gotten easily by them.

The third is the modern-smart home office classification. As modern people requirement, everything must be instant and simple. These are also required in the style of the home office desk. Hence, we design some simple and instant home office desk so that they can do their works while doing other activities such as taking an exercise, planting, and so on.

Moreover, to give the simplest and multi function home office desk, we design the desk by combining with the wheel so that it can be easily moved anywhere. We also offer the floating desk design to make the room appears more tidy and simple. Another minimalist design is the desk completed with the bed under or above the desk so that it will make the homeowners easier to take a rest when they are suddenly tired. We also design the folded-desk in order to make the desk looks more minimalist and simple.