Modern Coastal House And Blue Furniture

Having a coastal house may be costly, but it will look very great and can be easily decorated. A house located in Perchtoldsdorf, Austria, named the “House A&B” has greatly uses an old style from the year around 70s and 80s to create a beautiful modern house that is outstanding and different from the typical contemporary houses around. Designed by Smertnik Kraut Architekten, the house can look so luxurious with mid-century decors.

The coastal house interior uses grey concrete flooring, though there are some parts covered with carpets. The living room uses leather chairs with unusual design and looks very cozy. There is a carpet with leaves motives that can be clearly seen near the chairs. The living room is in the same room with the dining room and the kitchen. The dining room uses white round table and white chairs with lime green seats and is designed for many people. At night, you can see the orange light from the large hanging lamp.

Aside from the sliding glass doors that will take you to outside the house and to the private pool, you can’t see a door in the house. There are only wood separators for the rooms. Even when you want to go to the bedroom that uses purple bed cover and a golden statue with a flat TV that is hidden in the separator. However, you will keep the privacy, especially in the bathroom because there isn’t any window near it and you can also use the walk in shower.

Outside the house, you can also sit in the lime green chairs beside the pool to enjoy the weather and the garden. There are also some trees on the garden that can be seen from inside the house and the garage. The garage and the garden are separated with metal railings. From outside, you can’t even see what the coastal house exterior look is like because this house is completely surrounded with high walls and sliding door for the garage.

After classic white and black and burning colors like red and orange, it’s time for blue furniture to be highlighted. The calm color of blue gives a different view and image inside the house, and it’s perfect, as the color of fall that is a bit cold, yet looks elegant. The blue color may be not neutral, but it can be combined with contrast color like orange and yellow. It can also be applied too much furniture like chairs and tables.

The idea with blue furniture for living room can be started with a blue couch with tufting. If you like contrast color, then you can put orange chairs in the same room and stripes yellow carpet. The wood table with light blue color and grey room will make the couch stands out. You can also make an elegant blue room with dark blue couch that has the similar color with the wall. Decorate the room with some paintings and potted plants. To get the classic feeling, use ceiling height window with white frame.

The blue and white colors will give you a touch of French image and can be applied for the bamboo stools for the kitchen’s island. But, if you want other options, you can apply the blue color to the tables or cupboards. You can use blue cylindrical table in the living room or blue cupboard that will be put beside your bed for table lamp, decorations, or some books that you’re reading at the moment.

If you still don’t think that blue is a great color for chair or table, you can put this color to your accessories and decorations. For example, you can place a striped blue carpet in the child’s bedroom for some navy look. You can also find an abstract painting with blue as the main color for your living room. In the kitchen, you can choose blue furniture accessories with dot patterns for your shelves.