Modern Dune House And Chic Girls’ Bedding

The Dutch architect, Jetty and Maarten Min has successfully created a dune house with exquisite design and unexpected surprises. Located in the quiet seaside town of Bergen, Netherlands, the house has blended perfectly with the countryside’s natural view. The house itself has unique both interiors and exteriors. Inspired by the sand dune that has been formed by the wind, the house is so outstanding in the area.

The dune house interior has three stories, connected with wood stairs with bright color and glass railings. The house isn’t very big and wide in size, but there are many things that are modified for storage. For example between the stairs, you can see holes created small spaces. On the side of the stairs, there are also some spaces with drawers. The second and top floor is only half size of the whole house. The second floor also has glass railings, and both use concrete flooring. For the decorations, there are many oil paintings near the stairs.

The first floor has long white dining table and white chairs. The table is beautifully decorated with candleholders and potted flowers. There is also a classic cupboard from wood with cravings on it. Another unique use of space can be seen on the bed. The bed is designed with white color and on the above side and lower side of the bed, there are two desks combined and can be used as the working desk. The top floor has small fireplace with two orange leather chairs and a brown carpet.

The exterior of the house has curved side at the top and shows all the three stories that use many window walls with wood frame and on the center of the front part, there is a part of concrete wall with three door-shaped woods, though the real door is just placed on the first floor. The dune house exterior has unique clay tiles that give the rustic look.

For teen girls, usually they will choose girls’ bedding with many colors like pink or purple. But, a black and white color can also be a perfect choice for the room. It won’t be the usual black and white combinations that may be make the room and bed looks boring, but you can also combine these two neutral colors with other colors you like, for example blue and purple.

There is many girls’ bedding motives that you can be find nowadays, from the usual stripe pattern, until animal patterns. For animal prints, you can easily add splashes of color that will make a bold looking room. For example, you can see the leopard motive bed from Cosmo Girl that features black and white pattern with a bold injection of neon hues, completed with the use of neon-colored furniture like lime green table, purple and pink table lamp, and also some hanging decorations.

You can also use zebra motives, and if you think that it will be too plain, you can add rugs or decorations to the room. If you don’t like animal motives, you can choose tribal pattern print of bedding and placed it inside an orange walled room, combined with touches of magenta on the bed cover and room’s decorations. The large scale leaf print with purple color will also looks good to be combined with the black and white bedding and will give a luxurious royal design that will fit for a queen.

The large-scale leaf print can also be used by adding the print to the center of the bedding and use the touch of light blue on the side of the bedding.  For those who like natural elements, you can use floral print with ruffled pillows and blankets. Some who like the simpler girls’ bedding ideas can use speckled pom-poms that will keep the comforter from being too boring with nice colors like light blue on one of the pillow.