Retro Apartment And Kid-Friendly Apartment

Redecorating an apartment doesn’t always mean that it will be all modern and minimalist because you can also make a retro apartment from your old apartment. Like an apartment placed in heart of Tel Aviv by Tali Medellin Architecture that designed the apartment to use the 70s model as the owner’s request. The old dark spaced apartment has been redecorated into a chic apartment for four persons of family and a dog.

Placed on the ground level, this retro apartment interior has large sliding door on the living room that can be used to look outside of the house where there is also the doghouse with green and orange color and also a deck. White curtains with dot motives cover the sliding glass door, and the living room is very cozy with black oversize couch and clear glass table. There is also a hanging ball chair with red seats and a cushion near the couch that is so eye-catching.

The TV is integrated with the wall and framed with the black wood bookshelf and there is a working desk beside it too. Near the hanging chair, there is a dining table with white color and orange side and combined with orange chairs. The small vase of sunflower makes the table looks classic. The kitchen is also near it with white cabinets and counters with black tops, but the refrigerator will be the most highlighted thing in the kitchen because it is full of stickers.

The bedroom is designed with the same curtain in the living room. There is a small white table beside the large white bed in the bedroom and also a white bay window seat. The bay window seat has a hanging lamp above it with unique round shape also with white color. In the ceiling, there is a small space from the white concrete wall that is used to decorate the retro apartment furniture with potted plants.

With a nowadays design, finding a kid-friendly apartment can be hard because there will be only a little space left for the kid. Kids, usually need not many toys, but more the large space and room for them to move around the house. Even the decorations have to be really thought of so it won’t be dangerous for the kids. It also has to be kept clean so the dust won’t harm the kid that has weaker body than adults.

The living room of the kid-friendly apartment design can be designed to be simple with flat TV and black oversized couch placed in a wooden room with wood wall and flooring. Use cushions with animal pictures that will attract the kid and put some stuffed animals or toys for the kid. For the lighting, you can use large standing lamp or ceiling lamps. You can put the same cushions for your main bedroom too for your kid when he/she wants to spend times in your room.

The kitchen and dining room can be dominated with white color that keeps the clean image of the apartment. Save some space by using island for eat then a dining table. Make some spaces for the glass or other utensils in the wooden island. If you want the kitchen to look modern, use black colored backsplash to accompany the white cabinets and counters. Put some hanging lamps above the island for some lighting in the room. You can also put potted plant for the decoration.

For the kid’s room, design it with white painted wall so you can add some wall stickers with animal shape. Use white colored bed and place a white cupboard for the toys and stuff. You can also put a small table and chair for your kid to learn to write or draw. For other kid-friendly apartment kid’s room decorations, you can put some hanging decorations with animal shape or wall clock.