Scary Halloween Decor Interior And Exterior

Halloween can be considered as one of the most favorite seasons because it can be enjoyed by people of many ages and the season is time for playing around wearing costumes, that’s why many people try to make the Halloween decor as scary as possible. People even won’t hesitate to make it themselves because it can be made with unused stuff in the house, or you can buy many decorations with many types available.

From the scarecrow, the must-have jack o lantern until the graveyard, Halloween decor ideas are fun to be thought of. Halloween is a day when you can totally play pranks even for people you don’t really know. An important thing to be noted is the creativity for the lighting. You can put few decorations, but with the right lighting it can be scarier than those with many decorations but with wrong lighting. For example, you can just put two jack o lanterns on stone pillars and highlight them among the dark garden.

If you think that jack o lantern will be too usual for your garden and won’t scare anyone, then you can throw away the jack o lantern from the garden. If you have garden outside the house and stairs, then a graveyard will be the perfect decoration. Instead of orange lighting, use blue lighting that will give mysterious feeling to highlight the graves. You can also use green and red lighting. Don’t forget to decorate your entrance door with hanging skull.

For something very scary, you can also see the ideas from some haunted houses. If you have a large tree on your garden, you can put the figure of a skull with robe or a death angel statue that take a peek from the tree and highlight them with lanterns on their hands. You can also use a scary figure looking out through your window from inside the house with dark front porch with orange Halloween decor lighting and some other figures hanging outside that will create scary silhouettes.

Celebrating Halloween usually needs many decorations, not just for outside the house, but also the interior Halloween decor that can be made by you and your family while also having fun together. There are so many references that can be used and you can make the decorations from your unused stuff or old decorations. It doesn’t need to be all brand new because it will only be used once a year, so why bothering to spend large budgets?

For a simple hanging interior Halloween decor idea, you can make a banner with Happy Halloween Burlap Bunting from scratch. You can also modify the ideas with some motives or pictures. You can hang some cut papers and connect them with strings with fall or Halloween colors like black, orange, or grey. If you want a brighter color and feeling, you can make festive fringe garland with cheerful colors like pink, white, or orange and cream. Another garland can also be made with candies that can be your treat for the guests.

For unique ideas on the wall aside from the garlands, you can decorate some pictures of skulls and some abstract decoration like a boot or garlic or something gothic that is placed beside the pictures. Or, you can use your pumpkin from the last thanksgiving and leave it with the full shape and don’t carve it. Just simply draw the pumpkins with gold paint pen or silver one. If you don’t like metallic, you can use the combination of black and white color.

For the treats, aside from the candy garlands, you can make a piñata with ghost shapes. You can also make treats like from other food than candies that will go along with the Halloween party. For example, you can make mummy roll with sausage and pastry, or banana dipped in white chocolate and give it a face. If you think that it will be hard, you can make cupcakes and give toppers with scary shape like bats for the interior Halloween decor for cakes that won’t be too hard to make.