Unique Vintage Room And Restaurant Design

Many adults love to have a modern minimalist room, but for a teenager or artist, a vintage room looks more fun and perfect for them. With colorful chairs and decorations, this room can make a beautiful house, and also a cozy one. People can also express more of themselves with the decorations created by their own creativity or style. The vintage style also allows you to keep the modern look. You can see some designers’ artwork like Nina Van de Goor and Holly Marder for inspirations.

The living room for the vintage room design can be pretty modern with wood chair with black leather seat and red couch. The wood table is also topped with glass that looks modern. The vintage look comes from the animal stuffs and patterned cushions with contrast colors like yellow and green and plaid rug with many patterns. You can also make white shelves with lighting to highlight the decorations for a retro living room. You can use some single couches with different colors and patterns too.

For the wall, you can use wallpaper with bright color like peach with floral pattern, or green paint and makes a wall decor of your own. If you like painting, you can choose single chair with Victorian style and use oil paintings as the decoration or use cushions with painting motive on it. If you like something classic, you can use wood cupboards with pictures on it and put some ceramic dolls or lamp to make classic touch. You can also use your old biscuit can with pictures for the storage.

For the chairs, you can choose velvet chair with floral motives and put some hanging decorations like small birdhouse and hanging lamps. Place carved wood table for the storage and wall decor like Asian separators made from bamboo. For unique ideas of wall decor, you can use old plates with motives or pictures and hang them on the wall. You can also use crystal hanging lamps for the vintage room furniture ideas with clean style.

Running a restaurant business isn’t only about the good food taste, but also a great restaurant design with supporting atmosphere so people will enjoy spending the time in your restaurant. As the perfect example is the America’s top restaurant design for 2013, the workshop Palm Springs. The stripped down industrialist style of the Workshop Kitchen + Bar at Palm Springs that use South Californian style has charmed many with its symmetric and understated design created by SOMA Architects.

Inside this classic restaurant design there is one very long table created from concrete material and has been painted with silver color. The long table is combined with black backless chairs. There are many hanging lamps along the table, however, this table doesn’t give privacy for those who prefer quiet dining, because it is located in the hallway that goes to the bar and surrounded by many pockets from concrete wall that used as separators for each dining spaces.

The dining space inside the pocket is designed simple with integrated leather black chair and concrete table that comes out from the wall. For the decorations, you can see small potted plants placed on each table of the restaurant. There is also another long table, but not as long as the first one with same type of table, but with white chairs. The room is perfect if you want to have dinner with your friends in a more private place. This room also has large windows that can give the view of outdoor area.

The bar is designed to be very simple yet elegant with same type of table and white stools. As the backsplash, there are some shelves with lighting from below to show the collection of antique liquor bottles. As for the outdoor area, each table is designed for two with metal white chairs and stone tiling. There is also a small wall fountain that makes the outdoor restaurant design looks classic and nice.